Documents Required for R.T.O Registration

1. Owned L.I.C. Policy or Election Card.

2. In case of Government Servent, Official I.Card, Electricity Bill, Salary Slip.

3. In case the above documents are not available, an affidavite is to be made for RTO Registration(Assistance in preparing the affidavit is available inside the showroom).

4. Finance Facility is also available in sales.

5. For getting finance following documents are compulsarily required.

    (a) Last six months bank statement and current month salary slip.

    (b) Address Proof of current residence.

    (c) Identity Proof.

    (d) Two Photographs

    (e) Post dated cheques.(No. of cheqes depends upon the tenure of case).
In few cases guaranter may require.

6. Exclusive Hero Motocorp Goodlife/Lady Rider Programme(Reward Gaining Programme) information is made availabe having lot of facilities.

Showroom Remains open on Sunday and almost 362 days, Trained Staff is available to provide the informations about products.


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